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golden mammoth mushroom

Like many other magic mushroom strains, the origins of Golden Mammoth are an enigma. The story goes that an “expert mycologist with over 30 years of experience” created the strain.

The interesting thing is that this strain was only available through a commercial vendor in Canada. That led people to suspect that this mystery man is one of the top Canadian mycologists.

Whoever this expert mycologist is, we may never know. They also claim to have professionally perfected the strain to have all the best growing characteristics.

Some in the mushroom community were skeptical. Many thought that the overblown description was just hype.

After all, it’s not uncommon for people to rename a strain. Shady vendors often take a popular strain like Golden Teacher or B+ and give it a new name.

However, mycologists around the world found out that Golden Mammoth was indeed a unique strain. Now, the Golden Mammoth strain is a shining example of the quality of Canadian magic mushrooms.

                  The Appearance of Golden Mammoth Magic Mushrooms

Golden Mammoth magic mushrooms are one of the most potent psychedelic mushrooms in Canada. Their name comes from their sheer size—the mushrooms can grow up to 25 centimeters in length, so you’ll feel like a giant around them. These beauties will surely be a valuable addition to your collection. Golden Mammoth Mushrooms are a premium hallucinogenic psychedelic mushroom. The flesh of the Golden Mammoth mushrooms is yellow/gold in colour hence the name.

The Golden Mammoth mushroom is categorized as a “magic mushroom,” and these types of mushrooms, in general, have effects on the brain. The magic mushroom family is large and broad, with different “types” of the same magic mushroom species going by names like Golden Teachers, B+, Mazatapec, Koh Samui Super Strain, or Treasure Coast. The magic mushroom family is very diverse in colors, shapes, textures and sizes. With this great diversity comes a myriad of reported effects on the human mind and body. One thing every magic mushroom has in common is that it contains psilocybin which acts as a psychedelic compound present in more than 200 species of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are a type of fungi that grows its own food through the process of photosynthesis. Mushrooms are the reproductive part of the fungus and can come in a variety of shapes and colours. Fungi play an important role in nature by decomposing organic matter.

Golden Mammoth magic mushrooms are among the most potent mushrooms on earth. They’re native to the United States, and they grow in wet, forested areas. They usually grow in autumn and winter. These mushrooms contain a good amount of psilocybin, which is famous for its effectiveness to treat depression, anxiety and addiction.  Our shrooms are the most potent psychedelic mushroom extract on earth. They produce a full spectrum of visual and auditory hallucinations, increased heart rate and extreme euphoria. Golden Mammoth mushrooms are a potent psychedelic.

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